Industrial 3D printing

The fastest way to get individually manufactured parts

Simply upload your CAD files, set the parameters to your requirements and order your parts easily online.


Get your parts exactly as you need them

Do your parts need to be solid and able to hold up? Do you have complex geometries that you don't know how to produce? Or do you simply want precise prototypes with phenomenal surfaces? Then 3D printing is exactly the right manufacturing method for you. Thanks to the enormous variety of technologies and materials, there are no limits to your components from now on.

Complex geometries

The affordable and flexible alternative to milling or turning for your components

Milling and turning are the typical manufacturing processes in mechanical engineering. These are always associated with high costs. 3D printing not only offers more design freedom here, but is also significantly more efficient and cost-saving.

Mechanical components

High-performance plastics with properties comparable to aluminum

3D printing can't hold up? Maybe it did once. There are now materials with almost the same properties as aluminum. You can't break them. The only difference is that the components are much lighter and cheaper than milled or turned aluminum.

Optical prototypes

Surfaces where you wonder whether the components were really 3D printed

Do you need high-quality surfaces and don't want to see the typical layered structure on your objects? By using lasers in various 3D printing technologies, we achieve a precision that could make you think the components are cast.

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Increase efficiency

Speed up your product development

Wait no more weeks or months for your prototypes or components. With the help of our efficient 3D printing production, you will receive your components within a few days.

If it is urgent, sometimes even the very next day!

Maximum speed and simplicity

4 steps to your individually manufactured components


Upload CAD files

Upload all your CAD files that you want to have manufactured. After uploading, all files are automatically repaired and analyzed so that you only see the parameters that are possible for your components.


Adjust parameters

Set the parameters “Technology”, “Material”, “Filling rate”, etc. according to your requirements. The price is updated in real time so that you can track it at any time. You can also reduce the production time for urgent orders.


Order online

Once you have uploaded and configured all your CAD files, you can simply complete the order online immediately. Pay elegantly by credit card or PayPal. We can activate you individually for purchase on account if required.


Production and shipping

Once your order has been completed, your components will go into production promptly. You will receive a shipping confirmation as soon as your components are ready. You can view the production status of your components at any time in your customer account.

Your 3D print order

Upload your CAD files now and receive your quote in real time

Save costs

Reduce the production costs of your spare parts and small batches

Benefit from the flexibility of our 3D printing capacities and reduce the downtime of your machines to a minimum. Thanks to above-average production and delivery speed, you will receive your spare parts and components in the shortest possible time.

Even small series of up to 500 units can be produced quickly and cost-effectively thanks to our machinery. From the finished production of your products for the end customer to the procurement of individual prototypes - keep your development and production costs to a minimum and concentrate on your core business.

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FDM printing

Fused Deposition Modeling

SLA printing

Stereo Lithography Appearance

SLS printing

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Still have questions?

How big can the components be?

Our largest machine has an installation space of 330 x 240 x 300 mm (L x W x H). However, larger components that do not fit completely into the installation space can often be divided into several subgroups. So please send us an inquiry for larger components and we will find a solution.

When will there be a quantity discount?

You can get a quantity discount with us from just 2 units. In our instant quote calculator, you can see how the unit costs go down as the quantity increases. Of course, we also calculate external orders in exactly the same way. So take a look at our instant quote calculator yourself: Click here!

Is there a quality control?

Every single component is individually reworked and checked by us. This is how we ensure that no parts sent to you have any defects or production faults. If, contrary to expectations, a small defect should slip through, you will of course receive a replacement immediately.

Is it possible to have components reconstructed?

We don't just print, we also design and scan! Regardless of whether you do not yet have any CAD files and need to create them first or you already have a basic structure that needs to be modified and adapted: We create your components the way you want them.

What are you waiting for?

Start producing your components today