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Spare parts and prototypes made by 3D printing

Industrial 3D Printing Manufacturing

With the additive manufacturing we produce spare parts, prototypes and special designs in the shortest time and highest quality. Thanks to different 3D printing technologies and a wide range of materials, there are almost no limits to the possibilities here.

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Optimized spare parts

Spare parts rethought. Whether for classic cars or brand new models, we develop new spare parts for every vehicle.

12+ countries where we have already shipped our spare parts.

5,000+ cars that already have our parts installed.

98% Positive reviews from our customers about our spare parts.


High quality prototypes

Visual and mechanical prototyping. Receive high-precision prototypes in up to one business day to optimize your product development.

Fast turnaround, up to one day.

Laser-sharp precision, for accurate and precise prototypes.

Enormous variety of materials with different properties.

The Smart Roadster roof gliders

To get your softtop working properly and running reliably again.

Your 3D printing job

Get robust spare parts and precise prototypes in no time. Simply send us a simple 3D printing order without any obligation.