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Fast and precise 3D printing manufacturing

3D printing at CARLAYERS

From rapid prototyping to small series production

Cost effective production

With 3D printing manufacturing, you benefit from comparatively very low costs in manufacturing.

Fast order processing

You will receive a finished prototype or a first sample for your small series in a very short time.

Sustainable and efficient

Additive manufacturing produces much less material waste and is significantly more energy efficient.

Your individual 3D printing job

Receive robust spare parts and precise prototypes in the shortest possible time. Just send us a no-obligation 3D printing order.

The CARLAYERS process

From the inquiry to the finished product

Your 3D printing job

Start your own 3D printing job in just a few steps. Give us some information about your application and you're ready to go!

3D printing technology

Available manufacturing processes

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)

FDM printing is particularly well suited for fast, technical components. An enormous variety of materials and low heat distortion make it possible to produce robust and resilient components with the highest precision. So if your object should be ready quickly and be able to withstand loads, we recommend FDM!

Stereo Lithography Appearance (SLA)

SLA printing is ideally suited for visual prototyping. With the help of laser-sharp precision, smooth surfaces, intricate details and consummate part precision are possible. If you value an optimal look, SLA is probably the right choice for you!

Selektives Lasersintern (SLS)

For functional prototype and small series production, SLS printing is the ideal manufacturing method. Due to the optimal utilization of the installation space, extreme high-performance materials and a high-quality surface, SLS printing is an industrial manufacturing technology in a class of its own, with a wide range of possibilities!

The right material for your application

From standard PLA, to flexible TPU, to high-performance plastics like carbon fiber reinforced nylon, we now print numerous materials, with a wide variety of properties. Start your 3D printing job now and we'll find the optimal material for your application!

Highest quality

Each spare part has a perfect fit and has been individually reworked