3D printing

Fast and precise 3D printing manufacturing

From development to the finished product

Whether you already have a finished 3D file that is just waiting to be converted into a physical product or you are still in the development phase: We support you in every stage of product development so that you have a finished product in your hands as quickly as possible.

Optical prototypes

High-quality surface and extremely precise manufacturing. Get a first impression of how good your design can look in reality.

Complex geometries

Your design can't be injection molded or CNC milled? Then 3D printing is an ideal alternative for you.

Mechanical components

With the help of a huge variety of materials, we can produce robust components with the most diverse material properties.

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The right 3D printing technology for your application


Rapid manufacturing of robust and resilient components.

  • Fast manufacturing
  • Resilient components
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Visual prototyping with very high quality surfaces.

  • High-quality surfaces
  • Filigree details
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Functional prototype & small batch manufacturing at the highest level.

  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Premium quality
Request SLS-Printing
You are not sure which technology is the right one for your application? We are happy to help you find the right manufacturing method for your application!

Get robust spare parts and precise prototypes in no time. Simply send us a simple 3D printing order without any obligation.

Highest quality

Each spare part has a perfect fit and has been individually reworked