Erfolgreicher 3D-Druck eines Kopfhörer-Prototypen

Successful 3D printing of headphone prototype

At the beginning of December we were able to realize a new print job: A headphone prototype

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At the beginning of December 2020 we were able to complete a new print order! Here the 3D file was already available, it only had to be optimized by us a little bit and then printed.

The advantages of 3D printing are fully exploited. A fast and cost-effective implementation, despite complex geometric figures.

Other production methods would have been either more expensive with a higher waiting time or pushed to their limits by the more complex forms alone.

After only 3 days, the project was finished - high-quality headphone shells of the prototype design from industrial 3D printing production. This ensures a high quality, with pleasant lightness!

3D-Druck des Kopfhörer-Prototypen

3D-Druck vom Kopfhörer-Prototypen

3D-Druck der Kopfhörer-Prototypen

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